A Bit of Our History


About Moe's

Mad Moe’s first opened in 2014. It was started by three friends who were looking to create a casual, neighborhood spot to gather, eat good food and watch sports. They weren’t sure if the concept would take off in the quiet town of Osprey Florida. To their good fortune, people soon found Mad Moe’s and liked what it offered. Over the years, Mad Moe’s has come to be known as a local hangout often compared to a Cheers atmosphere. People come for the food and stay for the friends!

A common question is why the name ‘Mad Moe’s’. The name is an abbreviated take on the names of two daughters of one of the owners. Moe’s appreciates its long-term regular customers who have helped build the business and we welcome all new customers who come to check us out. We hope to see you soon!


"One of the best spots to grab great food, I have never had anything on the menu that isn’t good."